I will Meta Facebook Pixel setup on Shopify, implement Conversion API, integrate GA4 and GTM, and troubleshoot the Pixel on WordPress


šŸ” Are you in need of Meta Facebook Pixel installation on Shopify, WordPress, or setting up FB Conversion API and Google Analytics 4 on any website? Do you require assistance in fixing Pixel or Events Setup or Catalog issues? Look no further! šŸ› ļø

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Pixel serves as an analytics powerhouse, enabling you to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising efforts by comprehending user actions on your website. šŸ“Š

Benefits of Facebook Pixel Setup:

  • Ensure precise ad targeting.Ā
  • Engage new customers or re-engage previous website visitors.Ā
  • Optimize automatic bidding for higher conversion rates.Ā
  • Gauge ad performance accurately.Ā
  • Leverage crucial insights for crafting compelling ads, thus enhancing your FB ad conversion rate.Ā

Get Your FB Pixel Setup, including iOS 14 update compatibility!Ā

What You’ll Receive:

  • Conversion API IntegrationĀ
  • Facebook Pixel ConfigurationĀ
  • Google Analytics 4 IntegrationĀ
  • E-commerce Events TrackingĀ
  • Deduplication SolutionsĀ
  • Event Match Quality EnhancementsĀ
  • Advanced Matching ParametersĀ
  • Domain Verification AssistanceĀ
  • Cross-Domain TrackingĀ
  • Google Tag Manager IntegrationĀ
  • Google Remarketing Tags SupportĀ


šŸ’¼ I boast expertise in installing pixel codes on various platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Wix, Squarespace, and Go High Level. Let’s enhance your online presence together! šŸš€


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I will need your Business Manager Full access and Store access. For this, You have to add me to Business Manager and Store By Mail Address. I might Need your domain access to Fix Pixel.

Yes, indeed. I’m committed to providing assistance even after the project is completed. My goal is to ensure your happiness and satisfaction with my work. Feel free to reach out anytime; I’m just a message away.

I don’t accept websites related to gambling, pornography, health, or alcohol for Facebook Ads work.

Yeah, You can buy an add-on for fast delivery.

Server-side tracking differs from normal browser tracking. With Server-Side tracking, your website initially sends data (via a First-party cookie) to a cloud server, which then facilitates data transmission between third-party vendors, Facebook, and Google Analytics. It’s an advanced tracking method.

It is a one-time setup, no ongoing recurring cost for the setup.